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About Us
Elevating the Role of Jazz in Delaware...
As musicians in the genre of music known as jazz, it is in our best interest and our responsibility to educate our youth and pass the baton of our musical tradition, heritage and culture necessary for the sustainability of our cerebral art form. 
Education is the key, and we will continue to build partnerships with other organizations with our common goals.  We believe that Delaware and more specifically the City of Wilmington have their own distinct jazz traditions diverse from other regions and cities in the area. 
  • Develop and educate new and existing jazz audiences
  • Strengthen communication within the jazz community
  • Improve media relations on behalf of the jazz community
  • Bring greater visibility to the entire array of jazz offerings in the Delaware region
  • Provide greater access to performance opportunities for Delaware area jazz musicians
  • Present and produce jazz programs that coincide with those priorities mentioned 1 through 5
  • To cooperate with other charitable organizations for any of the foregoing purposes
Annual Spring Fling Festival 2015

Board of Directors

President- Dr. Carlton Cannon Jr.

Vice-President - Mr. Gerald Chavis

Secretary/Treasurer - Dr. Karen Rege

Historian - Mr. Larry Williams

Member-at Large - Mr. Farid Majeed

Member-at-Large - Mr. Delbert Boyer